Specially to Mark Certo

Hello Mark,
As you see, nothing is sold on this site, and it has no phishing links.
The website was registered by us, because it had been abandoned by you about half-year ago.
We just wanted to preserve the information about the Tranquility Training Method in the internet, and later add some information on yoga and relaxation practices.
So far the website is not used for any commercial purposes.
We are open to discussion and consider returning the website to you under certain conditions, or leaving your contacts here, so that people could buy your CDs or whatever products from you.

2 thoughts on “Specially to Mark Certo”

  1. Johnny,

    Thanks for responding quickly.

    I am going to assume you have some good intentions here. You say that your desire is to inform the public of the Cd’s I produce. Sounds nice but you went about it the wrong way and without links to where they can be purchased.

    I am also going to assume you are ignorant of copyright and trademark laws.

    You claimed a domain name was “abandoned”. True enough. This happened through a series of events that caused me to lose it. When I went to reclaim it, I found it had already been retrieved. I really didn’t imagine someone would make that effort as the site has a small following at best. If you really want to get it back to me, I will appreciate that, but am also willing to let it go. What is not ok is that you are in violation federal copyright laws in reproducing (and claiming copyright for) my copyrighted material. Whatever your purpose is, you did not ask permission. You are also in violation of Trademark laws. Tranquility Training belongs to me.

    You are misrepresenting yourself as me. Not a good Idea. So here is the deal.

    If you would like to give me back the domain name, I will forget this. I will assume somewhat good intentions and understand people make mistakes in ignorance. You will have to remove the copyrighted material immediately.

    I’ll await your response.


    Mark Certo

  2. P.S.

    After making the appropriate corrections I requested, if you then want to discuss mutually beneficial links, affiliate programs, information dissemination, content providing or whatever, I will be happy to hear you out. But this must be fixed before I will consider any of that.


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