Better Alternatives

The following chart will enable you to avoid foods that are either detrimental to digestion or processed so that they lose their prana and nutritional value.

This chart is solely for your guidance. If you are unable to obtain these foods do not worry; they are only preferred foods, not essentials.

Foods to avoid Foods to use
Denaturated foods:

white flour, white

bread, cakes and

buns; polished white rice

Whole wheat, barley, rye

or corn flour bread;

whole or partially polished


White sugar,

sweets, jam, sweet

syrups, fruit in syrups,

light treacle, heavily

sugared drinks and

glucose drinks.

Honey, brown sugar,

molasses, black treacle;

fresh fruit.

Fats and oils of

animal origin;

saturated acid fats.

Vegetable oils and clarified butter
Heat treated, canned foods; processed foods in which artificial sweeteners, flavourings and chemical preservatives are used (always read the small type on labels before purchasing). Fresh foods, naturally processed foods; processed foods like dried fruits or lentils, organically grown products

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