Bhoochari Mudra (Nothingness Gazing)

Beginners should practise the previous pro cedure. When they become more proficient they can leave it and start bhoochari mudra without any preliminaries. Gaze intently at the nothingness in front of the face (where the little finger was positioned in the procedure for beginners). Become fully engrossed in the nothingness the empty space. Be aware of other thoughts if they arise, but anchor your awareness to the nothingness at the same time. Even if other things are occurring in front of the eyes, they should only be blurred. In fact, if you are totally aware of the nothingness then you should not even notice them; even if your eyes see outer events there should be no registration of the fact in the field of conscious perception.

All you can see and are aware of is the nothingness; this is the aim. From this will come calmness, introspection and concentration of mind. Continue the practice for as long as you have time or circumstances will permit (perhaps during a bus ride, but don’t miss your destination).

Time and place

Almost anytime and anywhere. It can be practised before meditational techniques if required though it is a meditational technique in its own right.

At first this simple practice is reasonably difficult for there are so many outer distrac tions that continually lure one’s attention in other directions. As with every other yoga technique it is a matter of practice makes perfect.


The benefits of doing this mudra are as already given for agochari and shambhavi mudra.

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