Food and Preparation

In order to receive the greatest possible benefits from the foods you buy, it is preferable to avoid over-refined foods such as white rice, flour and white sugar. Nature has provided us with all the nutrients we need, so why buy artificial and adulterated foods? There are also several preparation hints that we can offer to enable you to obtain the most from your food. However, we stress that you should not become too fanatical in the following of food rules in general, but rather treat them as you do your cooking – in other words, don’t overdo it!

1. Rinse off surface dirt, but do not scrub too hard to avoid washing away all the nutrients in the skin.

2. Cook vegetables in as little liquid as possible.

3. Save the liquid to make soups or gravy etc.

4. Steaming or baking vegetables is better than boiling or frying away their nutritional value.

5. Do not overcook vegetables.

6. When frying use as little oil as possible.

Remember, good and thoughtful food preparation is also essential for good digestion in a direct manner. Tasteless, monotonous and badly prepared food does not stimulate the appetite and the salivary and gastric glands secrete less juices than required.

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