Food poisoning and digestive infections

Food poisoning results from eating food which is contaminated with certain types of bacteria. These organisms are generally of the paratyphoid group of bacteria, salmonella and less usually staphylococci. A disease known as botulism is far more serious although it does not occur very frequently. This bacteria is generally found in canned foods that have been incorrectly processed. The body gets rid of these infections by vomiting and diarrhoea. Generally, infections are cleaned out quite quickly and the body soon recovers.

To prevent food poisoning great care should be taken to ensure that the preparation of food is carried out as hygienically as possible. Food that has been cooked and left to cool for future consumption should always be well covered and kept in a cool place. This is essential because harmful bacteria tend to multiply at the highest rate in warm food. Another important point to remember is that people suffering from cuts or sores on their hands should not touch food that is to be eaten. In hot climates and during the summer more care should be taken in connection with food and water.

Yoga cleaning techniques such as kunjal kriya, shankhaprakshalana, etc. help to eliminate harmful bacteria that might have accumulated in the digestive tract. Furthermore, yoga practices in general will increase the body’s resistance to bacteria, and so reduce the tendency of bacterial diseases to occur. This also applies to more serious diseases such as dysentery, but if these do occur one should immediately seek expert advice and treatment. Don’t delay even in the slightest.

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