How to Find the Guru

If you have no guru, you may well ask: “How will I find him?” The answer is that you must just go on looking and following the path of tantra-yoga or any other system as a means to bring about greater levels of mental and physical harmony. This will accentuate your sensitivity and receptivity and eventually your guru will find you. We can never find the guru because we cannot recognize him. If we try to choose our own gum, we will choose according to our mental conditionings and projections. And if we choose a teacher who conforms to our present mental whims, then we will never be able to remove those whims, the very aspects of our personality which keep us in bondage. We should remain open, receptive and make personal efforts to tread the yogic path to mental harmony, breaking down current preconceptions. One way to do this is to hear satsang (spiritual teachings) of wise men whenever possible1. There is no need to make any commitment or confine yourself to one teacher or one belief, just go and listen. This will help you to direct your life in positive directions. When you are ready, your guru will be waiting for you. Maybe in the next lifetime! Even if you are not looking for a guru he will find you. The guru appears when the time is ripe.

It is essential that the guide be a true guru (sadguru) who is himself fully enlightened and with the highest vision. Such a being lives constantly in a transcendental state of awareness, always in communion with the absolute reality. Even while he lives and acts with people in the world, the guru is one with this infinite reality, for it is his own inner nature or Self, as it is of all other beings, whether they have realized it or not. The guru’s individuality as a human being is just one tiny aspect of his being. His personality is a perfect and pure instrument of the infinite, through which unlimited power flows unceasingly to the world around him.

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