Knowledge and Meditation. Part II

There is another form of knowledge that arises in the form of a feeling or an emotional response. We occasionally feel that something is true. It is not tangible in a mental sense but is a vague sense of knowing something. This is very often mistaken for intuitive knowledge.

The next type of knowledge is called transcendental knowledge, which is attained in states of meditation. It is known in the form of intuition or illumination. The difference in this type of knowledge is that it comes from a totality of a situation. In other words, the whole arena of information is available and from this the answer is comprehended. In a sense it is like rational knowledge, but instead of a few facts, all the information is there to be utilized. This intuitive form of knowledge apprehends the totality of a situation; it sees the whole picture, nothing is missing. This comes from the superconscious realms of the mind during states of meditation. Rational knowledge is often warped by personal preferences and prejudices. Intuitive knowledge is independent of all personal traits and projections.

How is this possible? How are we able to contact deeper, intuitive knowledge during meditation? Any explanation is bound to be insufficient, but if you refer back to the picture we painted at the beginning of this topic regarding the infinite mind, a superficial understanding is possible. Normally we are aware only of our limited, personal and rational mind. This is the island rising above the sea. Yet beyond and deeper than this personal mind is the suprapersonal aspect of the mind, the seabed, from which all the islands arise. It is the realm of higher and more subtle vibrations that permeate the cosmos and existence. They are always present, yet during normal states of awareness they are not perceivable. During meditation a direct link is made between one’s awareness and these higher domains of the mind. From this comes higher knowledge encompassing everything that needs to be known. Meditation allows the deeper significance and nature of life and existence to reveal itself.


The aim of this topic is to try to show that there is far more to each of us than is commonly believed. We don’t realize how much we underestimate ourselves in every way.

We have attempted to show that it is possible to contact the deeper aspects of mind and find out about ourselves through meditation. Most of us spend our lives totally extroverted failing to realize that an ocean of bliss and knowledge exists within each of us, merely waiting to be discovered. It is always there and we are always in contact with these deeper aspects, but we don’t know it. Our level of awareness is insufficient. The method to be aware and know this intimate link is meditation.

We have also tried to convey that meditation does not require you to change your present living habits in any drastic manner. All you need to do is to practise yoga with sincerity, regularity and aspiration.

One thing that we have not emphasized is that without effort nothing will be gained. Practice is essential.

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