Kundalini yoga

This is a system of yoga concerned with the awakening of the pranic or psychic centres known as chakras, which exist within all of us. These chakras are centres of bioplasmic energy and are directly related to different levels of awareness5. In the body there are numerous chakras, but kundalini yoga concerns itself with six main ones which are located throughout the length of the spine. Kundalini yoga aims to awaken these cbakras and thereby induce higher states of consciousness. In a sense it puts the ‘cart before the horse’; in other words as one attains higher states of awareness, perhaps by practising other forms of yoga, then the associated chakra will automatically open. Kundalini yoga tackles this from the opposite direction. It tries to first open the chakras to induce the associated levels of awareness.
This force or power one attains in the form of higher awareness is symbolized by the kundalini, a serpent that is said to reside in the lower regions of the trunk. This form of yoga is also known as laya yoga.

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