Khechari mudra is performed by inserting the tongue in the upper cavity of the palate and gazing at the eyebrow centre. By its practice the yogi attains immortality and overcomes death. He has no fear of losing himself in unconsciousness, and the influences of sleep (absence of awareness), hunger and thirst (urges of the senses) will no longer affect him.
Neither unconsciousness (laya), nor diseases, nor karmas will be able to influence the practitioner of khechari mudra. His chitta dwells in chidakasha and he will be beyond the influence of time and space. Therefore the siddhas (perfected ones) give salutation to this mudra.
He who is able to close the upper palate by khechari mudra will become the master of vajroli (locking of the nadi through which the sexual energy flows), because by this mudra the bindu (semen) becomes steady forever. Even at the climax of a passionate embrace, when the bindu remains steady in the body, then where is the fear of death?
Dhyanabindu Upanishad (79-84)

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