Man is Already a Harmonious Whole

Many schools of thought say that we are already in a state of perfection and that we always have been and always will be. They believe that there is no need to do anything or even attempt to change ourselves for we are already perfect. In a higher sense this is absolutely true, but this does not help the person, in fact most people who have mental conflicts and problems. On a more basic level, which is the important level at this stage, people do have problems – they don’t function as one harmonious whole. It is only when these problems are resolved that this statement about the inherent harmony of man has any sense, or can even be understood. So let us work on a more basic and practical level by acknowledging that most people do have problems, and that they have to be solved.

Yoga aims to bring about this total harmony between one’s fundamental drives, emotions, feelings, intellect, will and one’s interpersonal and social relationships. It is meaningless and inconsequential to tell people that they are already in a state of perfection. Their own experience and unhappiness tells them otherwise.

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