Mantra yoga

Mantra yoga is the yoga of sound. Most people are very sadly ignorant of the power of sound, yet the ancient sages through personal experience realized that sound has incredible power to influence the mind and body as well as produce changes in the material world. The ancient yogis experimented with different combinations of sound and found that they could induce extraordinary changes within the mind – different sounds producing different effects. They called these special sounds mantras and they were handed down from generation to generation.
Mantra yoga utilizes the power of sound as a method of inducing introspection and subtle mental changes, and to evoke mental and psychic manifestations. A particular mantra is usually repeated over and over again either verbally or mentally, producing mental tranquillity, concentration and awareness of the inner processes of the mind. It is a powerful method of allowing meditational states to flower.
Mantra yoga is also known as japa yoga, though generally japa yoga is a more confined term.

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