Meditation and Illumination of the Stratas of the Mind. Part II

At this state the light of awareness is directed downwards to the lower level of the mind – the instinctive mind. The awareness leaves its usual arena and starts to highlight the instinctive nature, with its desires, obsessions, hatreds and prejudices. We experience the manifestation of our problems continually for they surface during everyday life in the form of emotional outbursts, anger, depression, rest-lessness and many other stressful life reactions. However, we do not normally know their root or source. When one’s awareness explores the lower mind, we confront the seed of these problems. When they are known they can be removed; in fact they automatically drop away.

Before one can transcend the lower mind and direct the beam of awareness outside the limitations of the wall or the personal mind, these disturbances and memories have to be exhausted. The lower mind has to be purged of its clutter and unwanted dirt. One’s awareness is almost drawn towards the lower mind as iron filings are attracted to a magnet; it is almost as though one’s awareness is compelled to explore it and clean it out. Or, more likely, the lower mind acts as a veil that prevents us seeing into the deeper aspects of the mind. It is only when this fog of problems is removed that we can experience what is beyond.

It is only when the beam of awareness looks beyond the wall to the unconscious and the superconscious realms that meditation begins. We transcend both rational and instinctive thought. We enter the sphere of suprapersonal experience – the domain of our ancestral experiences and intuitive, inspirational flashes. This is the land beyond words, which defies rational explanation. Only personal encounter can convince you of its truth.

The culmination of meditation is enlightenment, where one is overwhelmed with the light of truth; when one knows the joy of knowledge that sages have known throughout the ages; when one realizes the reality behind existence along with one’s own identity and that of others. One realizes the core of existence is the Self, that each of us is a limitless storehouse of knowledge and energy.

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