Meditation: Rules for Practice. Part II

Duration: Some people in their enthusiasm begin by devoting a very long time to their practices. However, gradually this enthusiasm tends to wane. For example, one person might decide to practise for an hour every day. The second day this will be shortened for any excuse that is available. On the third day the practice will be further reduced and on the fourth day he might leave it completely. It is far better to begin with a duration that you can easily maintain every day. Even ten minutes practice every day is better than one hour one day, half an hour the next day and no time on the third day. Be realistic and choose a period of time that you can set aside for your practice. As you progress, slowly increase the time as required. It is very important not to regard the practice as a burden; it should be thought of more as a time of pleasure.

Sitting position: Use the prescribed meditational asanas.

Place of practice: Choose a clean, peaceful atmosphere in which to practise. It should be well ventilated but not breezy. It should be dry but not hot. Don’t sit on a cold floor. Place a blanket or rug beneath you. Leave a reasonable amount of space around you so that you are not disturbed by furniture or other objects. Try to use the same place daily.

Clothing: This depends on climatic conditions; however, your clothing should be as light as possible under the circumstances. Furthermore, your clothing should not be tight or interfere in any way with the breathing process.

If there are many flies, mosquitoes or other insects present, wrap a sheet or light blanket around you to keep them at bay. Alternatively, those people living in hot climates can remain under their mosquito netting. This is important, for it is very difficult to practise properly with flies and mosquitoes buzzing around you.

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