Meditation: Rules for Practice. Part VI

A vehicle of awareness can be almost anything. If you belong to a religious group, then you can use an image or form of God. That is to say, if you are Christian, then you are most likely to succeed in concentrating the mind if you use a picture or image of Christ or any great Christian saint. If you are Buddhist, then choose Buddha. If you are Hindu, then you can choose any of the incarnations or avatars of God, such as Krishna, Rama and so on. You must use your discretion in this respect. Only you can choose a symbol which has deep meaning for you.

If you don’t belong to any religious group, then there are many other forms that you can choose instead. If you have a guru, then concentrate on his form, or you can concentrate on a cross, a yin yang symbol, the symbolic form of Aurii, the breathing process, any mantra, a rose, a lotus, the moon, the sun, a candle, etc. We repeat, you can choose anything but you must feel an affinity and attraction for the object and be drawn to it without effort.

Most of us are fascinated by many things but without feeling any overwhelming attraction. Under these circumstances continue the practices that we give you. You will still make progress if you have the aspiration. Eventually, however, as you begin to explore the deeper realms of your mind, you will suddenly be confronted by a psychic symbol which has previously unknown significance for you. Even if you try to analyze the image, you may not be able to understand why it is so compulsive. The symbol will almost overpower you with its intensity. Some people are completely surprised at the nature of the symbol which they find has great appeal for them. It may even be a symbol of a culture that is completely alien to your present way of life. Nevertheless, it is this symbol that you can adopt for your vehicle of awareness if you wish. You can either make a drawing of the symbol or you can develop the ability to create the symbol mentally in front of your closed eyes. The important thing is that the symbol is perfectly clear and vivid, whether mental or on paper. A useful vehicle of awareness is a body process, such as breathing. This is used in many techniques.

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