Modern Psychological Classification of the Mind. Part II

The rational mind: This is the part of the mind from which we generally operate during the waking state. This part is the most accessible to our awareness. It is the reservoir of rational thinking, for it is here that data accumulated from everyday experience is stored. It is also the region where the incoming data is analyzed and compared with previous memories so that logical deduction or thoughts arise to conscious perception. In fact, the very thoughts that we are thinking right now are probably from this part of the mind. It is the problem solving realm of the mind, which gives us answers as we require them. Most of this problem solving occurs without our awareness. For example, many of us have had a question which defied answers at a certain time, yet without our knowing it, the problem was being tackled in the rational part of the mind, so that at a later time the answer suddenly flashed to conscious perception. Or one tries to remember someone’s name and cannot, then suddenly it surfaces at a later time. This is the work of the rational or logical mind.

The illuminative mind: This is often known as the realm of superconsciousness or of genius. It is from this part of the mind that we receive intuitive flashes or inspirations. Without this region the great artists would not have been able to create their masterpieces nor scientists to receive insight into the phenomena of the universe. It is from here that the great saints and yogis gain their revelations, deeper knowledge, bliss and transcendental experiences.

Very few people are aware of this part of the mind. We tend to be imprisoned by the chains of the rational lower mind. This region has been generally and sadly neglected by psychologists in the past. It is only recently that there has been a wide interest in this area. For example, notable psychologists such as Frankl and Maslow are propounding height or depth psychology, and have made steps to investigate this aspect of the mind scientifically.

The collective unconscious: This is the part of the mind that was brought to light in psychological circles by Jung. It is that part of the mind which contains a complete record of our evolutionary past. It is a realm of unimaginable and immeasurable depth that contains the information and activities of our ancestral past. It is the reservoir of archetypes that has accumulated or perhaps guided us over the period of millions of years, though we could say that it is beyond definition in terms of time. Some people regard it as the inner equivalent of the story of creation and the universe. In short, it is an infinite blueprint of the inner and outer cosmos. Actually, whether it is outside or inside is a debatable point, as we have indicated in the description of the infinite and the atomic mind. Certainly it is that which links all of us together.

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