Mudras: Bhoochari Mudra

Bhoochari mudra is an allied technique to agochari and shambhavi mudra and all three are excellent forms of trataka. Agochari and shambhavi mudras are often integrated with other yogic techniques or done specifically during one’s yogic practice program. Bhoochari mudra on the other hand, though it can be done in your daily program, can easily be practised in everyday life. It can be done without other people realizing that you are practising a yogic technique.

It is an excellent, simple, yet effective practice that brings tranquillity and concentration of mind if done for a reasonable period of time with awareness.


The word bhoo means ‘earth’, and chari means moving’ or ‘dwelling’. As such we are not going to attempt a sensible, literal translation into English. We prefer to call this practice nothingness gazing’.


This mudra can be practised in any position and almost any place. You can do it while standing, sitting, lying, as you wish. You can do it in the privacy of your own house, at work or at play, whatever is convenient. However, if you practise at home in a sitting pose, it is best to face a blank wall. This ensures that there are no obstructions in your vision which can distract your attention from the practice. This is not essential, only preferable.

Preliminary procedure for beginners

Keep your eyes open. Raise your right hand in front of your face. Hold the palm so that it is flat and so that it faces downwards, with all the fingers together. Place the side of the thumb so that it is in contact with the top of the upper lip. The elbow should point to the side of the body.

Focus your eyes on the tip of the little finger, which will be the furthest point of your hand from the eyes. Gaze at the tip of the little finger intently for a minute or so, if possible without blinking or flickering the eyes. If other thoughts arise let them but try to keep simultaneous and continuous awareness of the fingertip. Then after a minute or so, remove your hand but continue to gaze at the space where the little finger was situated.


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