Position of Object for Outer Trataka. Trataka – Stage 1

This is important to gain the most from the practice, if the object is too far away then it is more difficult to hold the attention of the mind; furthermore, it is far less likely to leave a clear and absorbing after-image during inner tra-taka. If the object is too low then there is a tendency to stoop forwards while sitting; this is not conducive to a steady position and also produces discomfort and backache. If the object is too high then the neck will become stiff. We have found from experience that the best position of the object is at the same horizontal level as the eyes and at an arm’s length from the eyes.

Of course you can adjust the position of the object to suit your preferences; our suggestion is only a guide, though we have found that it is suitable for most people. Some people prefer the object to be at eye level but much closer to the eye. There is much to be said for this, especially if the object is small. You must experiment for yourself.

The above, needless to say, does not apply to many objects, such as the sun, the moon, the nose tip, the eyebrow centre, etc., the position of which cannot be altered for nature has already fixed it. Nevertheless, the previous general comments apply to a wide range of objects from a candle to an Aum symbol.

If you have some form of eye defect you should try to position the object so that there is no double image and no blurred outline. You must be able to see a clear shape of the object. It is best if you avoid wearing spectacles – wear them only if necessary. For instance, if you are doing trataka on the moon and you are short-sighted then you will merely see a

yellow blob. Under these circumstances spectacles will be necessary However, the practice of trataka without glasses will help you to reduce your dependence on them, though this takes time and much practice.

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