Premeditative Loosening Up

We have already emphasized that it is essential for the body to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during meditative and pranayama practices. Even those people who can sit in all the meditative asanas without the slightest difficulty will occasionally experience stiffness. This is especially likely in the early morning when the body is stiffer than at any other time of the day.

For this reason a program of asanas is recommended before practising meditation and pranayama. These will not only loosen up the whole body in preparation for the sitting pose, but will also calm the mind. We particularly recommend the practice of the six leg loosening exercises. It is not necessary to do them all – one or two is sufficient. In particular, we recommend the half butterfly and hip rotation which can be done within a few minutes. Do more of the exercises if you have the time. They will help you to gain the most from your practices, for you will be less troubled by aches and pains in your legs. We recommend that these exercises be done by both beginners and experts alike, just before commencing meditation and pranayama. These exercises are especially useful when you have no time to perform asanas, perhaps in the evening.

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