Removal of Mental Problems (Part 1). Chapter I

There is not one person who does not have some deep-rooted complex, fear, phobia or conflict. Anyone who thinks that he has no mental problems is only deluding himself and at the same time preventing his progress into higher awareness and happiness in life, for while the problems definitely exist, without acknowledging them, no steps are taken to remove them. There is absolutely no stigma attached to admitting one’s mental hang-ups, though sad to say there has always been a feeling of scorn, or perhaps fear, associated with those who suffer from more obvious mental problems, such as schizophrenia and melancholia. The reason for this is not certain; perhaps we all fear the possibility that we too could easily become a mental patient. There may be a lot of truth in this, for as far as we are concerned there is not really any difference between obvious mental patients and everyone else; only that in the former, underlying problems are more intense and have con-sequently manifested with greater force.

The people who know that they have some deeper problems only have to remove them. This is not so easy, but not impossible and at least you have accepted that problems do exist, which is the first step. Other people who will not acknowledge their mental problems must first of all be convinced that they do in fact have them. This is the situation with most people. There is a very convincing test that will tell you whether you are as free of problems as you think you are. Ask yourself the following question: “Am I happy twenty-four hours a day, every day?” If you are not, then this indicates that you have mental problems, for if you are completely free of any mental distur-bances then you would continually emanate happiness and joy like an overflowing river. This is clearly illustrated by the great yogis, sages and saints who, because they have emptied themselves of most or all of their problems, unceasingly radiate peace and joy.

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