Removal of Mental Problems (Part 1). Chapter II

The more unhappiness and dissatisfaction that you feel in your life, the more mental problems you have. Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. From your answer you can decide whether you are without mental problems or whether you do in fact have them. This doesn’t mean you should not be angry or have other strong emotions, for one can still act out these emotions and also feel a sense of happiness. In fact, there are innumerable cases of great yogis and sages who have shown great anger, yet they have still maintained their feeling of joy in life. It is not the situation or the expressions you show that we are talking about; it is whether or not you feel a sense of wonder, happiness and contentment throughout your daily life. If you don’t, then you have some form of mental problem. If you admit that probably you do have problems, obvious or not obvious, then you will not be alone you will be accompanied by most of the world’s population. Having admitted the possibility of underlying mental disturbances you are then ready to take steps to remove them. If you don’t admit they exist, then you will probably see no need to make the effort to remove your problems. As such there is no need to read any further.

Mental problems, phobias, fears and their elimination are such an important factor in our lives that we have decided to devote a lot of space to considering this subject. We must be careful, however, for it is so easy to talk and talk in theoretical terms about causes and repercussions but fail to give any really useful practical methods for removal. As such the aim of this topic and the related discussions, in the forthcoming sections is to suggest practical methods without becoming too involved or tied down in verbal concepts’. The aim is to give you methods and guidance so that you can take steps to remove your problems, the blocks that prevent you obtaining the most out of life. And only you can do it; this applies even if you visit a psychiatrist; he can only stimulate and guide you to remove and manifest your own problems. So we are primarily interested in practice, not words.


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