Removal of Mental Problems (Part 3). Chapter 2

It is overindulgence in the blind drives of everyday life that prevent you turning your attention inside and realizing the incredible depths of your being. It is only when things start to go wrong in your relationship with the outer environment, or when you seek something more, that you seriously begin to think about exploring yourself. Even though your problems may cause you much anguish, in a way they are your best friends, for they will force you, push you to find new levels of experience that are at present completely beyond your comprehension. They will impel you to seek realms of being that are now totally unimaginable. We don’t say impossible, for if something is impossible it is still imaginable; we mean levels that are beyond the impossible because they are beyond present concepts.

Therefore you should devote some time every day to introspection, leaving aside if possible all the responsibilities, cares and interests of day to day life. During this time try to find the deeper problems that make your outer life unhappy and eventually discover experiences that the mystics have endlessly talked about. To merely try to introspect during yoga practices is not easy, for you are conditioned to continually escape back into the everyday worries and interests, instead of facing yourself. But with practice and perseverance you will be able to relax more and gradually eliminate the subconscious problems and then really tap your inner resources. All that is needed is effort, perseverance and aspiration. During meditational practices, you will probably find it impossible to sit in one place for more than a few minutes, without feeling the strong impulse to get up and do something. You have been trained and habituated since birth to be doing something. Persevere and these tendencies will subside. Gradually you will overcome your habitual tendency to lose yourself in an everlasting stream of outside activities and pursuits. Slowly but surely, you will confront yourself, your inner drives and eventually arrive at a deeper understanding of your incredible, real nature. But first you must confront your subconscious problems. You must first cross the river, and perhaps get wet before you reach the other side. You must first of all pass through, experience and expel your mental problems, before you can know peace, joy and knowledge. You have to pass through hell before you can reach heaven.

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