Removal of Mental Problems (Part 3). Chapter 5. The mind as a perfect reflector (I)

The aim of cleaning out the personal mind of its accumulated dross and removing inner turmoil is to transform it into a perfect instrument of perception and also to make it a perfect analyzer of data and a perfect instrument for translating thoughts into action. This of course takes time, but the following description is intended to give you an idea, though inadequate and incomplete, of how the personal mind should work if it is not clogged with defects.

One will be in a continual state of meditation, whether sleeping, eating, working or whatever. There will be no feelings of anxiety under any situation. The normal and obsessive ego-centered drives or self-interests will disappear. One will automatically understand others and feel more for them. They will be seen in a new light. The fragmented and opposing attitudes and opinions of individuals will no longer seem contradictory, but will supplement each other and merge together in harmony. One will start to see oneness, unity, perfection and concord, instead of individuality, separateness, differences, imperfections and discord. Outer events will be clearly perceived, but without the usual negative and adverse repercussions. External impressions will seem to flow into the mind, be smoothly absorbed, digested and answers will occur spontaneously and flow out of the mind. There will be no conflict, blocking or effort; no mental constipation. Things will just happen.

Everything will run as it should, without the usual accompanying hustle and bustle. Each reaction will be perfectly appropriate to the given situation. The external events will be the same, but one’s relationship to them will be totally different. Instead of being continually upset by the ups and downs of life, one will glide through them with a feeling of joy. Ideas that were previously seen to be mutually exclusive, irreconcilable or antagonistic are seen to be part of a whole and really in unison with each other. Each philosophy or belief is seen to be partially true and no more than an incomplete explanation of something that is beyond words and conceptions. Each creed or set of concepts is seen to be applicable at a particular level of awareness and understanding.

One will live in the eternal now with total absorption. A mind devoid of problems automatically fixes itself on the work at hand. It is not disturbed or distracted elsewhere. There is perfect concentration. No effort is necessary. Efficiency and perfection axe the natural outcome. Worry, fear, anger, depression, jealousy no longer interfere with concentration or total living of life. Work and play become one; there ceases to be differentiation between them. The common feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, unhappiness melt away as though they never existed and as though they are totally unnatural. Even the usual oppressive and melancholy fear of death or illness will cease, for these will be seen in a new and higher light of understanding.

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