Removal of Mental Problems (Part 3). TECHNIQUES. Disidentification. Chapter I

Simultaneous with the removal of mental problems, the mind must be made stronger and less vulnerable to outside impressions and crises. It must be strengthened so that adverse, outside events no longer disturb its functioning. Of course, as the mind becomes progressively emptied of its problems, then automatically it will become more resistant to external influences. However, there is another excellent method of bringing this about called detachment. It does not mean that one becomes like a vegetable and avoids the ups and downs of life or refrains from interpersonal relationships. No, not at all. It means that though one reacts and acts out external roles, activities and feelings of life, love, hate, anger, etc., they should be seen as something outside oneself. These external activities should not be allowed to affect you in a deeper sense. You must be aware of them as though you are a witness.

In life you must be like a rubber ball, and not like a glass ball. Most people are like a fragile glass ball; they crack, shatter or go to pieces every time they are bounced by a difficult life situation. Become like a rubber ball: resilient, so that everything that happens to you has no deeper influence. Though you will face difficult situations and crises, they should not affect you or upset your inner self, but only in a superficial sense. If you throw a rubber ball on the ground it will rebound without any detrimental change on its inner composition. You must be like this rubber ball, resilient, yet strong, flexible in all situations, and yet without allowing the play of life to touch the inner core of your being. This may be easier said than done, but the method of watching life situations as though they are something different to yourself is a great aid. It is only a technique to gain inner stability, nothing more.

You must try to disidentify yourself as much as possible with your body, emotions and mind. Be aware of everything that happens. Act like a witness, only without identifying yourself with anything. Overidentification with the body, emotions and mind will lead to painful and undesirable physical, emotional and mental experiences. You must try to watch all activities from the centre of consciousness. In this way sorrowful events of life and any other events will not leave a mark on your being. They will occur as though they are something different and apart from your being. The ripples and waves will disturb the surface of the lake, but leave the depths still, calm and undisturbed. Though it is difficult, one must aim to be aware, as an observer under all circumstances, including even the most tumultuous, agitated or disturbing conditions. It can be done quite easily during asanas, pranayama, etc. but during everyday activities effort and practice are required.

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