Removal of Mental Problems (Part 3). TECHNIQUES. Disidentification. Chapter III

Identification with the body, emotions and the mind is so common that one rarely or never questions its validity. One says, “I am thirsty” when what one really means is “the body is thirsty”. The ‘I’ is overidentified with the body. One says “I am angry” or “I am depressed,” when it is really the emotional system that feels these things. One says “I think that two plus two equals four,” but actually it is the rational sphere of the mind that thinks. And so on. Although these identifications are involved with limitations of language, it is still obvious that we clearly overidentify with functions of ourselves, and not the real ‘I’. We are not asking you to change your way of speaking, only that you realize that you are continually creating false identifications. Though you are forced by the construction of our language to continually state these identifications, in a deeper sense don’t associate yourself with them.

It is possible to distinctly watch the activities of the body, emotions and mind as a spectator. If you have never experienced this then you have missed something that is very revealing. There is something more permanent that is observing. The body, emotions and the mind are merely instruments of something deeper, and they are certainly not the real T. It is that which witnesses that is the ‘I’. It is this that one should identify with. If you can do this then your body and mind will function more efficiently, unhampered by prejudices, fears, etc. You will attain wonderful physical and mental health.

Therefore, if you want to gain more relaxation and flow with the current of life, without being in a continual state of strife with the impressions of the environment, then you must realize that your roles in life are only actions. Nothing more. They are not you. You must continue to do them, but look at them realistically. Consider yourself as an actor performing the roles. Your deeper self or nature will be the audience, while the body and mind will carry out the roles.

Next, you must try to disidentify with your body, emotions and personal mind. You should be aware of them. This is not easy and at first will only be intellectual, but with practice you will find that you identify with them less and less. This is not surprising for the witness is consciousness. You are not creating anything, merely allowing that which is already there to reassert itself in your being.

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