Self-Acceptance. Chapter I

Try to accept yourself and your feelings; don’t compare yourself with others; use your particular talents and do what comes naturally; don’t suppress emotions but act them out with awareness; try not to feel guilty about past events.

Almost everyone finds it difficult, if not impossible, to accept himself or herself. The mind is tormented by guilt, feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. One is unable to forget past events and feels dissatisfied with his role in life, all the time wishing for something more, with higher status, which will bring greater respect from other people. There is nothing wrong with ambition to succeed; it is a natural part of human nature but one should try to accept oneself, one’s fallibilities and limitations. At the same time, some dissatisfaction is necessary, for this is the driving force that prompts each person to seek and aspire to higher levels of awareness. But you must be realistic in the assessment of your shortcomings.

People always compare themselves with others. They possibly feel inferior because they don’t have what other people possess. They see a rich neighbour with three cars and television sets in every room of his palatial mansion and feel overwhelming envy. They compare and condemn themselves for not being equally prosperous.

Other people look at famous movie stars, wishing that they also had the talent to be so successful and popular. This comparison results in dissatisfaction and general unhappiness. People refuse to accept themselves and their limitations. They fail to realize that though the neighbour and actor outwardly display success, the less desirable aspects of their lives are likely to be hidden or disguised. Though the neighbour and actor may radiate success on a material level, they may be totally unhappy and depressed on a personal level. From a distance, and as outsiders, other people only see success and happiness; and it is with this superficial exterior that most people compare themselves. It is from this external display that most of us develop outer feelings of inadequacy and inferiority in relation to others. Try to accept yourself and not condemn yourself on the basis of unjustified comparison with others.

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