Sutra Neti. Posture

Any comfortable sitting or standing position may be taken, though a squatting position left so that it still passes through one of the nostrils, kagasana is particularly suitable if it is comfortable.


Stage 1

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Sutra Neti Technique
Sutra Neti Technique
Sutra Neti Technique



Either a catheter or cotton thread may be used for this stage. Gently push the narrow end of the catheter or the waxed end of the cotton thread cord into the left nostril. As you slowly push the sutra into the nostril, twist it so that it enters the nostril easily. Don’t under any circumstances use force; the interior of the nose is very delicate and any undue force could cause damage. Eventually you should feel the end of the sutra emerging at the back of the throat. With your index finger and thumb or your middle and index finger, whichever you prefer, reach into the throat and pull the end of the sutra out through the mouth. This action may make you retch a little at first, but with practice it will cause absolutely no disturbance.

If you are using a cotton thread sutra, then the middle unwaxed portion should be in the nasal passages, with the waxed end emerging from your mouth and the other unwaxed end emerging from your nostril. If you are using a catheter, then one end will emerge from the mouth and the other end from your nostril. Hold each end of the sutra with the hands and gently pull the sutra backwards and forwards. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately. Move the sutra to and fro no more than 35 times on your first attempt. Release your hold on the unwaxed end, pull the waxed end and remove the sutra from your nose.

Stage 2

This stage is exactly the same as stage 1, but the sutra is passed into the other nostril and out of the mouth.

Stage 3

Only people using a cotton thread sutra can do this stage.

After completing stage 2, the sutra should be nasal passages, one end emerging through the mouth and the other end emerging through one nostril. Push the other waxed end of the sutra, from the nose, into the other nostril and pull the end through the mouth. In this position, both waxed ends emerge from the mouth. Loosen the hard wax at the last 5 cms of each end of the threads so that the individual strands of thread again become separated. Point the two ends of the sutra towards each other and push the separate threads so that they merge with one another. Then twist the sutra so that the two ends become joined. If the joint is too thick, then some of the strands can be cut away; the joint should be sufficiently thin so that it can pass through the nostrils. The sutra is now in the form of a circle. Slowly draw the joint into the mouth, progressively sliding the sutra through the nostrils. Eventually the joint should again be outside the body, but this time it will be located between the entrance to the two nostrils. Disconnect the joint.

The sutra is now in such a position that it enters one nostril and emerges from the other – it no longer passes through the mouth. Gently pull the sutra to and fro. If there is the slightest discomfort, stop the practice immediately. Only a few movements of the sutra are recommended during your first few times of practice, the number of times being slowly increased as you gain proficiency. You should use your discretion in this respect. Then pull one end of the sutra and slowly withdraw it from the nose.

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