The Evolution of Man. Part III

We all deceive ourselves. We assume that what we see around us is all that there is. Further, we think that our personality is the totality of our being. People wander all over the world trying to find themselves, not realizing that the greatest marvel lies within. This was clearly pointed out by St. Augustine when he lamented: “Men travel to gaze upon mountain heights and the waves of the sea, broad flowing rivers and the expanse of the ocean, and yet pass by themselves, the crowning wonder.”

Consider a calm, still lake in which is reflected a big full moon. The image of the moon looks real and if the real moon was not in the sky to remind us otherwise, many would mistake the reflection for the moon itself. The reflection cannot exist by itself, yet the moon can exist without reflection. It is the same with our personality – we see only the reflected personality and mistake it for our real nature without realizing that the personality manifesting at present is dependent on something deeper. To find our real Self is higher meditation.

Even modern scientists acknowledge that there is far more to each person than is commonly believed. Many eminent scientists have echoed the words of the ancient sages. They have said that the majority of our potential remains untapped. Some quote ninety-five percent of our latent capacity lies dormant, others ninety percent. Actually these are only random figures to illustrate that we are definitely not utilizing much of our potential. Some of these scientists are now sounding like mystics. They say that the greatest discoveries and explorations of the future will be in the mind and not in the outer world. Instead of exploring space, we will start to make deeper and deeper journeys into inner space. This is the direction of the evolution of man.

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