The Infinite Mind. Part II

Various experiments showed that the electron is not a material particle; it is something more, even more than a wave pattern. Before these experiments the electron was regarded as the building block of the universe – the ultimate particle, in fact. Old theories have had to be discarded, not only of the atom but of the cosmos. Scientists, in a way more characteristic of mystics, have begun to pose the possibility that the materialistic universe that we see with our eyes is not the ultimate reality. What seems obvious to us is being disowned by progressive thinkers. They have suggested that underlying the material universe is some deeper reality. It is even suggested that our present assumptions regarding the nature of time and space are incorrect and unrealistic.

Some mathematicians, working with more intangible concepts, have suggested that the material universe is permeated by a universal medium or substratum. This medium is pervaded by waves of inconceivable frequency and velocity, well beyond even electromagnetic waves of the highest known frequencies. It is suggested that these so far undetected waves pulsate throughout the whole substratum.

From this theory atomic scientists are more able to understand the behaviour of atomic particles. They can foresee the possibility that an atomic particle is no more than a build-up of these wave amplitudes one upon the other. We cannot and do not see these waves. What we do see is the manifestation in the form of what we call matter. We tend to assume that this matter is more solid than we think, but actually it is our senses that interpret matter as matter. In accordance with the ideas of some modern scientists, what we see as matter seems to be no more than an accumulation of waves. In other words the physical universe which we perceive and which seems so real is no more than a gossamer substance without solidity. It is the manifestation of the underlying, hidden substratum. Is it the ‘dream of Brahman’ that Indian yogis exclaim is the nature of the manifested universe?

Is it asking too much to suggest that this substratum is the same as the seabed in relation to the islands? In other words, that each of us physically and mentally, on a superficial plane, is no more than a manifestation of the underlying, all pervading and infinite substratum. That is, we are implying that this underlying medium is the same as the cosmic mind. Each person is intimately connected with this hidden cosmic mind and not only has access to its infinite potential, but each of us is essentially the same in essence! The mind of each of us is exactly the same thing; however, to know this we must explore its depths. This is the realm of meditation.

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