The Infinite Mind. Part III

Various eminent scientists have now declared that the universe is beginning to look more like an all encompassing mind than anything else. Some of them have even suggested that all atomic particles are nothing but mind-stuff.

In this respect they are echoing the affirmations of various mystics throughout the ages. Let us take a few examples. It was the well-known poet Emerson who wrote:

Substances at base divided,

In their summits are united.

There the holy essence rolls,

One through the separated souls.

This is echoed in the ancient yogic text called the Yoga Vashishtha: “Know that there is a mental mechanism everywhere. It resides within each particle; it extends into space; it is within the heart of a vegetable; it functions as fluid within a leaf; it rains as a cloud; it lies as a stone; it plays in the waves of the ocean; it penetrates massive mountains; and it assumes the shape of the size of an atom.” (Ill: 40, 2123) And it was Shakespeare in The Tempest who wrote with sublime simplicity: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on … ”

In our previous discussion on prana we described scientific research and discovery into the essence of the bioplasmic or pranic body. You will remember that the Russian scientists conducted practical experiments which clearly revealed the existence of a field of force around and within the body. They called it bioplasma; we call it prana. Others have called it the aura, among other names. This subtle body was photographed by means of high frequency Kirlian photography. Without use of a high frequency electric field, we are not able to see the highly complex pranic field.

Yet when photographed under the prescribed conditions it manifested as the highly complex and organized iridescent bioplasmic or pranic aspect of our being. Though within the realm of supposition, it is more than a possibility that as higher and higher frequency electrical fields are utilized, so we will see more and more subtle aspects of our existence of which we are at present unaware.

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