The Infinite Mind. Part IV

It seems more than a possibility that the pranic body and the yet scientifically undiscovered higher frequency substances are the link that each of us has with the cosmic substratum or mind. In fact this seems more than a supposition, for Russian scientists dealing with the subjects of telepathy and other psychic phenomena, have actually measured changes in the state of the bioplasmic body during psychic events. In other words, they were able to detect changes in the bioplasmic body of a telepathic receiver when he was receiving messages from a telepathic transmitter who was often many hundreds of miles away. These experiments seem to lead us to the conclusion that each person has the capacity to directly connect with other people through the medium of the cosmic mind.

In fact many psychics, clairvoyants, etc. have said that there is an etheric energy body (pranic body) which connects the brain cells with the cosmic mind. Others have put it differently by saying that this etheric body is the means by which the life energies of the universe and the collective unconscious can communicate with the physical body. It seems that we are far more intimately connected with each other and can communicate directly with each other in a far deeper sense than is often considered. Each individual has vast powers. However, these faculties are rarely utilized; in fact, we tend to sneer and be sceptical of any truth in telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and other psychic powers.

The aim of meditation is to dive deeper into this substratum so that we can intimately contact and be aware of its potential. When we do so, it seems to whisper to us subtle answers to the seemingly unsolvable riddles of the universe. This is perhaps why we can experience intuitive flashes; it is a time when we contact the basic substratum of existence. In psychological terms we could say that it is a time when we connect our awareness with the collective unconscious. Within this storehouse is contained all the knowledge that ever has been and ever will be.

This underlying matrix is the background of existence, inanimate and animate. Nearly all life forms seem to see and know only the material world around them. It is only in evolved forms of life, such as man on the planet earth, who have the ability to occasionally contact this underlying foundation of existence. We have the gift, though rarely used, to look behind the scenes. We have the potential to look behind the curtain of maya (usually translated as illusion, but better translated as misperception or misunderstanding of reality). Each of us is able to transcend our physical limitations and experience knowledge, bliss and timelessness, where beginning and end have no meaning and where there is no past, present or future. This is the aim of meditation: to dissolve into the underlying essence of all things.

We emphasize that we don’t expect you to believe or accept what we have written. Why should you? We want you to try meditational techniques and find out what meditation is all about for yourself.

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