The Inner and the Outer World

Passive meditational techniques allow one to dive into the inner depths of the mind. The more one cleans out the personal lower mind, the happier one will become in interaction with the outside world during day to day life. One will harmonize with external activities instead of fighting with them. One will be peaceful instead of continually tense.

The deeper one delves into inner realms, the more one sees reality in the outside world. One will realize that there is actually little or no difference between the outer and inner realms of existence. The difference only appears to be because of logical thinking and the lack of understanding of our real nature. It was Christ who said: “When the outside becomes the inside, then the knowledge of Heaven has come”.

Many people have the misconception that meditational practices that are introspective in nature lead one away from participation in worldly activities. This is far from the truth. In fact, just the opposite is true – one’s external actions, that is, the surface expressions of inner nature, will be far more powerful and intense. The deeper one explores the inner domains, the greater the force of expression in external activities. One’s whole life, work, play, etc. will be executed with joy, efficiency and strength. One will be able to accomplish things that seemed previously well beyond one’s ability. Knowledge of the inside leads to knowledge of the outside. Higher awareness of the world inside the mind leads to higher awareness of the world outside of you.

Eventually passive meditational techniques become superfluous. They are no longer necessary when one lives in a continual state of meditation. One’s activities become a continuous, joyful and spontaneous experi-ence of meditation. No longer is there conflict between the outer and the inner world.

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