Veerasana (Hero’s Pose)

This is a simple asana which is rarely used for meditative practices. Yet we feel that for many people it will be more comfortable than sukhasana, since there is a larger area of contact with the ground.


Place a folded blanket on the floor. Sit with the legs outstretched in front of the body. Bend the left leg and place the left foot so that it is under and to the side of the right buttock. Now bend the right leg over the top of the left leg, placing the right foot beside the left buttock. Arrange the position of the knees so that one is above the other. Hold the head, neck and back upright. Place the hands either on the feet; on the knees, one on top of the other, palms facing downwards; or on your lap, one on top of the other, palms facing upwards. Choose the most comfortable position in which your arms are totally relaxed. Relax the whole body. This is the final pose.

Note: there are other forms of veerasana, but this one is the most useful for sitting purposes. There are no limitations.


This is a comfortable sitting position for those people who cannot sit in the more difficult meditative asanas. Like all meditative asanas, it is conducive to physical and mental equilibrium.

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