Like all other meditational techniques, relaxation of the body and mind is essential. Without this prerequisite you will not gain meaningful and profound experiences. If the mind is disturbed or incessantly thinking about work, family problems or perhaps anticipating the delights of breakfast, then you will achieve little or nothing. It is for this reason the technique of chidakasha dharana that we have described has been combined with other meditational practices. The preliminary techniques of kaya sthairyam, Aum chanting and breath awareness systematically induce deep relaxation. These practices are very important.

However, don’t feel obliged to stick to these practices when performing chidakasha dharana. You can combine any other meditative techniques that you feel are justified, or any that you particularly like. The important thing is that you attain deeper states of relaxation. It is in this manner that you will start to dive into the depths of the mind-cave. If you are not reasonably relaxed, both physically and mentally, then you will never penetrate the surface, the veil of the chidakasha. So make sure you systematically relax yourself through any yoga techniques, whether asanas, pranayama or meditative techniques.


The practice that we have just described should take about half an hour. You can increase or decrease the duration according to available time by either extending or contracting the time of the stages, or by omitting certain stages or adding stages of your choice. You must use your discretion in this respect. Whatever meditational technique you do, try to finish off by watching the mind screen for a few minutes.

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