Karma Yoga: In conclusion

For most people there has to be a balance: a balance between introspection and external expression in the form of work. The more intense and compelling the work the better, for it will jolt you, force you out of the rut of living in the past. You will be forced to live in the present or anticipate the future. In this way you will be prevented from brooding over your problems. You will become alive. You will be elevated out of the morass of laziness. At the same time, you should do a certain amount of introspection, for this will allow you to confront the contents of your mind, including phobias, conflicts, etc. Work combined with a certain amount of introspection in the form of meditative practices is the way to remove mental problems and gain peace. Instead of brooding over your complexes etc., you will recognize the root and in time they will disappear through expression or outlet in work and through awareness. This is the start on the path of higher awareness. If the work is slowly transformed into karma yoga, then your spiritual progress will be rapid. You will literally ‘fly’ into the realms of higher awareness and knowledge.

Therefore, passion and activity are really a means to higher awareness. They are not negative aspects of life to be suppressed. They should be utilized, especially in the earlier stages of development. Your natural drives can help you. Use them, and in the course of time, try to transform your activities into karma yoga.

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