Magic occurs in the realm of the material universe (maya). Everything that happens around us in the world, whether the birth of a child, the growth of a tree, a flying bird or the digestive process, it is really magic. What can be more magical than the incredible phenomena occurring around us every second of the day? All that magic rites involve is the manipulation of the universal magic around and within us. Modern science, in a sense, does this through various energy manipulations: electrical, mechanical, biological and so forth. The tantric, yogi or magician invokes cosmic forces, psychic forces, etc. by means of mantras, mandalas, rites and other tantric practices. If you don’t think this is possible, then we don’t intend to persuade you otherwise. In fact, we again point out that there is no reason why you should believe anything without personal experience. Only keep an open mind to possibilities, and remember that magic rites have been practised throughout the history of mankind.

The basic premise of magic is that the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, though in fact the relationship is far deeper than this. Therefore, change in the outer world, in the phenomenal universe and in the individual himself can be invoked by magical means. The microcosm is the gateway to the macrocosm. Undertaking of the inner leads to understanding of the outer. Understanding of maya leads to its mastery.

In tantra, magic is to be used to bring about positive changes in one’s being and surroundings. Unfortunately, magic is easily open to abuse in the form of black magic. This leads to a person’s downfall, for negative actions lead to negative repercussions on the magician. There is a tendency for the misapplied use of magic to rebound. Tantra, of course, discourages misuse of magic. It advocates that magic should be used to bring about harmony; it should be in accordance with one’s nature (dharma). This is often called white magic. But magic is magic; it is only misappropriate or appropriate use that transforms it into black or white magic. The power is there in each individual; it is the way that it is used that is important. If it is used properly then it can lead to extraordinary experiences, higher awareness and knowledge. If used wrongly, for personal gain or for purposes of revenge, then the practitioner will suffer.

Most people are either very sceptical about magic, or they regard it as supernatural. But actually it is no more than an extension of one’s natural faculties beyond the range that most people comprehend and experience. Magical power is real .. . as real as anything else that exists. But it is beyond the normal experience. The power of magic stems from the dictum of the Vishvasara Tantra which says:

What is here is elsewhere; What is not here is nowhere.

It stems from the dictum of Hermes Tris-megistus of ancient Egypt, who said: “What is below is an image of that which is above; And that which is above is an image of that which is below for the purposes of magic or miracle.”

All tantric and yogic practices are a form of magic invocation, for they are trying to tune you in with something else, whether it is inner peace, knowledge or whatever. And the greatest form of magic is nirvana, samadhi, kaivalya or whatever you want to call the state of enlightenment.

Christ was a magician, for he performed miracles. Buddha was a magician, Mohammed was a magician, Moses was a magician, together with an innumerable number of yogis and saints throughout the ages. A guru is a magician, let there be no doubt about this. And so on. Magic merely covers the aspects of existence which are beyond normal low states of awareness. It is magic brought about by spiritual practices that will take you to indes-cribable states of consciousness, knowledge and bliss.

Magic is the process of spiritual alchemy, for it fuses the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. It transmutes the mortal into the immortal. Man finds his real nature. It is by looking inside that one discovers the secrets of the universe and the supreme secret. This is magic.

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