This is a mudra that is widely practised in tantric circles. The word maha means ‘great’ or perhaps even better in this context ‘supreme’. The word yoni means ‘womb’, ‘source’ or ‘origin’. Therefore, this mudra can be called the ‘supreme source mudra’.

This is such an important mudra for it symbolizes the unity between the individual and consciousness. It symbolizes the return of the individual to his source, his origin. It is not only a symbol, for this mudra is used to help invoke this realization and experience. It is such a simple looking practice, but it possesses vast power of invocation, if it is done under the correct circumstances.

To perform this mudra you will need to wrap and bend your fingers in a weird combination of directions. Having secured the mudra as shown in the two figures you can either hold the hands in front of the chest or rest them on Notes your lap. The choice is yours.

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