Tantra. And it came to pass

Tantra encompasses all aspects of life. Its philosophical basis reaches the loftiest heights of comprehension, yet at the same time is amenable to practical application. It has different levels of meaning and significance which only unfold themselves gradually through personal experience.

Modern man is looking for something, but does not know what it is. We feel that tantra, including yoga, is the answer that you are looking for. It is based on the wisdom and experiences of thousands of tuned in enlightened sages, throughout the ages. It is tested by time.

Without joy and experience of higher awareness, life is dull, frustrating and often purposeless. Even one small glimpse of a transcendental experience will inject new aspiration, new joy into even the most unemotional person. Tantra promises just this: higher awareness, happiness and knowledge. Tantra is a method of instructing and leading you to material and spiritual fulfilment. Cosmic awareness can come through participation in the world; it is not necessary to reject life and become an ascetic. This is the way of tantra.

Tantra is a system for those people who are not ascetically inclined and who are intimately involved in the activities of the world. It is therefore most suitable for modern man. It is a means for removing inhibitions and complexes. Tantra says that life should be an expression of joy, though the acts of joy should of course be dharmic (harmonious) and not adharmic (disharmonious). Tantra takes the individual by the hand and slowly leads him towards higher awareness. Tantra says: “Why suffer guilt about actions and thoughts; every act should be a form of worship, for everything is Shakti… which is Shiva.”

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