Bhakti – the means to heightened sensitivity

The emotions heighten all experience. They intensify power in thought and action. Everyone knows this from personal experience. Normally, however, the emotions are scattered in all directions. They rarely have force, except in cases of intense anger or intense fear. They are generally expended on many interests and sentiments. On the path of bhakti yoga the emotions are concentrated on one thing. Emotions are transmuted into devotion.

This concentrated emotion leads to heightened sensitivity. One’s whole mind and body becomes highly tuned, like a radio antenna. This leads to heightened sensitivity to other people, their thoughts, feelings and so forth. It leads to sensitivity to the inner environment of the mind. If leads to peak experiences.

Even one peak experience is enough to transform one’s whole attitude and under-standing of life. It moves through an angle of one hundred and eighty degrees. One realizes that what seemed so obvious, true and acceptable before was totally wrong. One’s relationship with life undergoes a total change. It is completely reoriented. These peak experiences are on the route to perfection. They are signposts on the path.

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