Bhakti Yoga – Grace

Grace is a much misunderstood word. In Sanskrit it is translated as anugraha. Grace is something that is always existent, but most people never feel it because of insufficient receptivity. It is only when the mind is calm, one-pointed and receptive that this grace can arise, bringing with it transcendental knowledge.

Grace is also that which makes us recognize our faults, mental blocks and so forth. It is grace that leads to the meeting with the guru. It is grace that causes you to begin yoga. It is grace that initiates many other events in life that lead to expansion of awareness. It is also grace when the guru helps the disciple to overcome mental conditioning. Grace means many other things, but these tend to merge into the realms of the undefinable. The important thing to remember is this: grace is ever present, but most people are rarely aware of it or tuned into it. When a person becomes open to everything, then the grace automatically flows. This receptive state of mind cannot be created merely by thinking about it or willing it. You can be told a thousand times about the necessity of mental receptivity but this will never bring about this state. It can only arise spontaneously through yoga practices, including bhakti yoga. These practices transform the mind by slowly eliminating all the mental dust and cobwebs. When the mind attains a certain degree of purity, then grace will flow spontaneously. The greater the awareness, the more one will know and recognize this grace. Everything becomes grace.

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