Bhakti Yoga (Part 2)

That which can be told is not the Truth. That which can be named is not the Name.

Lao Tse – Tao Teh Ching

You should remember when reading this topic that it is only words. Words, no matter how cleverly woven and constructed can never convey the meaning of bhakti. Bhakti is an experience that you must know for yourself. If you try to understand bhakti through words and concepts then you will miss its essence and merely become lost in a whirlpool of verbal ideas. You will delude yourself. This discussion can only indicate the direction of the path . . . you must walk along the path and discover the destination for yourself. Bhakti comes from the heart, not the mouth or the head.

Bhakti does not only depend on the outer expression. It depends on the inner feeling. A person who quietly does his daily work can lust as easily be a bhakta as a person who sings devotional songs throughout the night and day. Only the bhakta can know that he is a bhakta.

In this second discussion we want to delve into the more fundamental aspects of bhakti yoga, especially the pitfalls.

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