She stands in pratyalidha and holds her own disembodied head and gladly drinks her own blood as it streams from her neck. Her clothes are the four directions. She has three eyes and wears the serpent on her forehead. She is in the position of the union of Rati and Kama. I meditate on that form which radiates like a red flower (Java). On her right side the nayika holds a small sword and a bowl. She is Varnini by name and is produced out of rajoguna. She joyfully drinks the blood streaming from the chopped head of the Devi. On her left side is the nayika Dakini who also stands in the position of pratyalidha, and drinks the blood streaming from the Devi. She can digest all the worlds at the time of dissolution.

He is calm and sleeps on the snake Ananta from whose navel there rises a lotus. This is the God of gods, the support of the universe, who is like an infinite sky. He has a beautiful physique and is the husband of Lakshmi. His eves are like full-grown lotuses. I meditate on Vishnu who is the remover of all fear in this universe.



She is very pale, fickle and wicked. She has dirty clothes and unkempt hair. She is cruel, the brahmin widow riding on a chariot whose flag is a crow. She is haggard, has pendulous breasts, holding a shurpa (a bamboo basket). She is crooked and mischievous, she is always hungry and thirsty. She is a dreadful and quarrelsome aspect of Shakti.


She is enthroned on a jewelled throne, her complexion is black, and the crescent moon is in her crown. She has three eyes. In her hands she holds sword, mace, pasha (noose) and ankusha (hook).

I meditate on the Devi whose complexion is as bright as gold. Four elephants pour nectar on her holding four jars made of gold. Her hands hold two lotuses and the other two are in vara (granting boons) and abhaya (dispelling fears) mudras. She wears a most precious jewelled crown, and sits on a lotus.


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