Lesson 14 – Hatha Yoga: Moola Shodhana – Foreword

All the problems that you face in life, all the ups and downs are really the means to your personal evolution. Everything that you face in life, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is really the means to higher awareness. They really help you. Though they may seem to hinder you from a limited and personal viewpoint at this stage, they are really the tests, the means to your eventual transcendence and total understanding of reality. Though mental disturbances during meditational practices, during everyday life may seem obstacles, they are really the things that help you to become aware of, to confront and remove the personal blocks or hindrances that prevent the flight into higher awareness. Without these apparent obstacles you would never become aware of the imperfections in yourself that prevent higher experience. It is only through your enemies that you can recognize personal hang-ups. It is only through unhappiness that you can recognize seeds of disharmony within yourself. Without day to day problems, you would never try to overcome obstacles. All the turmoils of everyday life are the indicators that stimulate you to overcome your own imperfections. So recognize your problems and use everyday life as the means to attain perfection.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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