Nada Yoga-Part 1

Sitting position

There are two good sitting positions in which to practise nada yoga. These are as follows:

Any of the traditional meditative asanas. In this position the ears should be plugged with the index fingers of each hand. The other fingers should be lightly clenched and the elbows held sideways and horizontal. This position is shown above. The only disadvantage of this pose is that the arms quickly become tired. Of course with practice one can hold the arms in the fixed position for prolonged periods of time, but there is always a limit. This problem is diminished with sitting position number 2.

Nadanusandhana asana. You should squat on a rolled up mattress, cushion or thick blanket in the way shown. Adjust the height of the mattress so that the sitting position is comfortable and the back reasonably straight. The mattress must be sufficiently firm and round so that it presses the area of the perineum, that is, the area between the anus and the sexual organs. Rest the elbows on the knees and place the palms of the hands on each side of the head so that the fingers rest on the side and top of the head. The thumbs should be gently but firmly pushed into the ears. Make sure that this position is comfortable before starting the practice, if necessary further adjusting the height of the mattress. The feet should be flat on the floor.


Alternatively, if you wish you can close the ears with the index fingers.


There are two stages as follows:

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