Object Visualization At Will – Purpose

We have already briefly discussed the purpose of the technique. It is a method of developing the faculty of visualization as a method of opening up the realms of the mind which are currently inaccessible to your awareness. Also many meditational techniques, including kriya yoga, require visualization of an inner object. This acts as a focal point for awareness and confines one’s awareness to a limited field, removing it from the tangle of outer and inner turmoil. This one-pointedness, even for a short time, results in many benefits. It brings relaxation and acts as a focal point for looking into the mind. It is the prelude to the experience of meditation.

Many people are told that they must be aware of only one object during certain meditative techniques such as trataka2, but they do not know which object to choose. They change from one to another, but once you find the object that is ideally suited to your temperament there will be no doubt. You will cease to even consider other objects, but first of all you must find your symbol. This takes time, practice and aspiration. Visualization practices, such as the one we will shortly describe, help you to find the most suitable symbol. This can happen in two ways:

  1. Either during the willed visualization of various objects, one object will suddenly and almost inexplicably manifest deep meaning to you. It will stimulate feelings that you did not before appreciate. This could be the most suitable object for meditational purposes.
  2. Or during the practice or any other practice, you will suddenly be confronted with a symbol. It will spring up from the depths of the mind to conscious perception. Your sensitivity to inner perception has allowed it to surface. This too can be the object of awareness during meditative practices. So this practice is very useful for increasing your receptivity and perception of inner psychic symbols.

This visualization also has a more basic purpose: it calms the mind. If you have been buffeted by the storms of life, what better way is there of relaxing the mind and finding a little peace, than by creating beautiful inner objects or scenes? If you see an inner picture of a white swan, or a peacock, it is very difficult for the mind to remain angry or worried. So if you feel tense or emotionally upset, we suggest you try this practice. No special preparations are necessary. You can practise in almost any place and at any time.

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