Pranayama: Practice – Integration of jalandhara bandha and nadi shodhana stage 4 (continued)

One of the main aims of pranayama is to induce a deep state of mental and physical tranquillity. The slower the breathing rate the better. The sound should be imperceptible, or nearly imperceptible. But the breathing must not be forced, if you find difficulty in breathing slowly, then you should reduce your duration of retention.

There is also another factor to remember if you are practising reasonably long breath retentions and prolonged inhalations and exhalations. You will find it difficult if you are eating large meals. You should reduce your intake of food if you find that pranayama is uncomfortable. This will not only enhance the benefits of pranayama but also make it far easier to do. If you feel any negative effects from the practice then you should stop for some time. If necessary contact a qualified yoga teacher for further guidance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Integration of jalandhara bandha and nadi shodhana stage 4 (continued)

In the previous lesson we combined nadi shodhana with the practice of jalandhara bandha. The internal retention (antar kumbhaka) was done while locking the chin in jalandhara bandha. The previous ratio was 1:8:6:2. This is quite an advanced ratio especially when combined with jalandhara bandha1. Therefore, for this lesson you should continue the same practice. Remember that the ratio for inner retention is 8. It is during this period that you should practise jalandhara bandha. At this stage don’t attempt to do jalandhara bandha with outer retention of breath. This will come later.

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