Shivalingam – Concentration on the lingam

The picture that we have included can be used as an object of concentration, using the meditative practice of trataka1. If you can visualize the lingam in front of your closed eyes (in the chidakasha) then this is an even better practice.

There is an excellent practice in shaivism which uses a small, well-polished lingam and a candle. The candle is placed behind and above your left shoulder so that it shines on the shivalingam held in front of the face. This produces a tiny dot of light on the surface of the lingam, which can then be used as a fixed point of concentration. This is a method of trataka, but it is more refined for it is combined with ritual worship, and mantras and other refinements that heighten the effectiveness of the practice. We have not given full details, for a specially made lingam is necessary, and they are not readily available. We have only mentioned the practice from the point of view of interest. It is an excellent technique that is practised among the shaivites (tantrics) of India.

The lingam implies much more than seems obvious and far more than can be conveyed by words. It was realized by sages in deep states of meditation. You can use it as a method for reaching the same state and experience.


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