Sumirani japa

This form of japa is designed to be practised throughout the whole day. It is usually done with the aid of a mala with 27 beads. This is carried around by the individual on all occasions. Of course, this may not be very practicable for most people, but this is the traditional method. With people who undertake full time sadhana, this practice is often done continuously. That is, whatever the circumstances, the mala is rotated and the mantra mentally chanted. It is said that this should also be done during sleep. The aim is that eventually the mantra arises spontaneously from the very depths of your being. You don’t need to chant the mantra – the mantra chants itself. Your whole being resonates with the mantra. The mala rotates itself. This makes the mind incredibly one-pointed and powerful, and helps in gaining success in other spiritual practices and can induce meditation in itself. It is very powerful, but it is also very difficult and impractical for the average person.

It is a little difficult to continuously rotate your mala while talking to your boss, while driving the car, while attending a meeting or whatever, but it is at least a practice you can try when you have a holiday, when you are walking or when you have some spare time. If you chant your mantra regularly during all spare time, then eventually the mantra will manifest itself automatically at any time when you are free of tasks or commitments. It will repeat itself in the background of all your actions. This is very powerful and will quickly lead you to higher experiences.


This is spontaneous japa which arises in harmony with the natural rhythms of the mind-body complex. We will introduce this subject later in the book’.

General note

Japa only becomes overwhelmingly powerful when it is done regularly without fail.

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