The form of the supreme (part 1)

People often say: “How can Krishna, Rama, Christ, etc. possibly be the supreme? Why should we worship the supreme in a limited form?” But this misses the whole point of worship and bhakti. If the supreme, the absolute is everywhere in everything, then why not also in the form of Krishna or Christ? It does not matter whether it is Crishna or Christ, or whether it is Krishna or Krist! There is no difference. It does not matter what form you choose. Furthermore, this worship or bhakti to a specific form, this personalization of the supreme, is a means for you to know the higher experience for yourself. Everything and anything is simultaneously the absolute and not the absolute. This seems a contradiction in logical terms, and it is. But you must understand the implications behind this statement for yourself. Forms or deities such as Krishna and Christ are both the supreme and not the supreme. It depends entirely on one’s level of awareness. The important thing, however, is that anything for which you feel overwhelming, intense bhakti can be the means to go beyond the normal, mundane levels of awareness and experience.

They say that Krishna, Christ, Rama, etc. are avatars (divine incarnations), but actually everything and everyone in the universe is a divine incarnation. You are yourself a divine incarnation, but probably don’t know it. The idea and aim is to go beyond the limitations of one’s individual self and to know the transcendental nature of one’s real self.

Therefore, the best advice we can give here is that you discard all rational, intellectual thought and discussions about the validity of worshipping a certain form of incarnation of divinity. The answer to the question is way bevond the intellect – the answer is transcendental. All you have to do is to express and channel bhakti to any form that comes naturally to your personality. The answer will come in time. All doubts will be dispelled. You will in time, realize the real, ineffable, unspeakable nature and purposes of worshipping a specific form.

Scientifically, this idea of the unlimited in the limited or the infinite in the finite is not new. Let us give an example. Scientists have been amazed at the implications behind research into the nature of the DNA molecule. If you have forgotten what the DNA molecule3 is. it is the so-called molecule of life. It is the molecule of incredible complexity, which moulds individual characteristics in human beings. It is the blueprint of hair colour, size of feet, height and all other features of each person. It determines the pattern of growth from childhood to adulthood. It is the molecule that fixes our mode of life and we have to follow its dictates on a physical level. But there is much more. Scientists are beginning to tell us, with the awe of mystics, that this molecule contains the entire knowledge of our evolutionary past. It contains the collective unconscious of the human race. It contains the memory of events that occurred thousands and millions of years ago. It contains the entire history of existence. The scientists probably find it hard to believe the facts for themselves, but they are forced to this conclusion through experience and research. It is something that the conditioned mind cannot easily accept or grasp.

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