The mechanics of bhakti

The purpose of bhakti is to develop intense concentration towards one object. This occurs spontaneously if there is a feeling of bhakti towards that object. All one’s energy is focussed in one direction. This in turn leads to higher sensitivity and receptivity of the mind-body to higher forces. One becomes a bhakta through experience and not merely through belief.

This method of bhakti has been used by many religions, notably Christianity and Hinduism. In these religions, the whole purpose is to encourage the expression of bhakti in the followers. To do this, specific figures are given as objects of adoration. If this adoration is sufficient, then one can know intense bhakti. Bliss and transcendental experience. The method is very powerful, and has led many people to the highest states of awareness. But there has to be strong devotion to obtain the final results.

All of these bhakti religions have used the same method. They have only differed in the specific form (or forms) to which the followers are recommended to devote themselves. The basic mechanics are the same in all cases. They have all used bhakti yoga as a powerful means to transcendence.

The method and purpose of bhakti yoga is to take you away from identification with the little ‘I’, the body-mind. The aim is to reduce personal whims, conflicts, disharmony, etc., which tend to imprison and severely limit awareness. The aim is to make the mind a perfect reflector, a perfect mirror of experience. It is under these circumstances that one can know higher awareness and bliss.

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