Variations of sarvangasana – Padma Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Lotus Pose)

The following two asanas are well-known variations of the basic form of sarvangasana.

They should only be attempted after mastering sarvangasana.


In English this asana is known as the ‘raised lotus shoulder stand pose’. It can be done in two ways as follows:

  1. Perform sarvangasana. Then in the final pose fold the legs into padmasana.
  2. Do padmasana. Then lean backwards and lie fiat on your back. Elevate the legs to the vertical pose. In both methods the final pose is the same.




The benefits are the same as for sarvangasana, except that free drainage of blood from the legs is impeded. Therefore, people who want to treat piles or varicose veins should do the basic sarvangasana and not this variation. This asana gives an excellent stretch in the pelvic region and compresses the internal organs. It is useful for toning up the sexual organs, especially in women.

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